Tuesday, 5 August 2008

moving back to google reader from bloglines

A couple of months ago I migrated to bloglines from google reader, not because I was necessarily unhappy with google reader, but because I was interested in seeing what else was available and how it might differ. I've just moved back to google reader.

OMPL just worked. I was able to move my RSS "reading list" from google reader to bloglines and back again with no fuss, no hassle and no duplication.

The advantages of google reader over bloglines are:
  1. AJAX - whereas bloglines marks all items on a page as read when you browse to it, google reader marks them as read when you scroll past them.
  2. Ordering - google entwines items from all feeds in time order, bloglines presents items feed by feed
  3. Better integration with other services
The advantages of bloglines over google reader are:
  1. Fast scanning of voluminous feeds
  2. Fast browsing (it seems _much_ faster when there are thousands of items)
  3. Less integration with other services
You'll notice that better integration is both a positive and a negative.

The fact that I have several google accounts and and only one of them is tied to my RSS reading means that there are tasks I can't multi-task between, even at the coarsest of levels and also means that contacts from the google account almost never get forwarded articles I discover via RSS.

The fact that my blogger.com account and my google reader accounts magically know about each other is great, as is being able to sign in once to a whole suite of tools.

In the end the reason for changing back was ordering. I read too many RSS feeds that cover the same topic for reading them out of order to make sense.

I've also just culled some of my RSS feeds, with the a prime criterion being the quality of their RSS. A number of web comics require one to click a link to read the strip and I no longer read them, but I still read Unshelved, which has the strip (and an ad) in the RSS.

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