Sunday, 3 August 2008

Leaving catalyst :( joining NZETC :)

Last week I gave notice at my current employer ( and accepted a job at Victoria University's New Zealand Electronic Text Centre. The NZETC is primarily a TEI/XSLT/Cocoon-house which publishes digital versions of culturally significant works. It also runs a number of other digital services for the university library (into which it is currently being integrated). As such it's significantly closer to what I've been doing previously in terms of environment, content and technology.
Exciting things about the NZETC from my point of view:
The commute to work will be slightly longer, with me either getting off the bus one stop earlier and catching the cablecar up the hill, or getting off at my current stop and walking up. I'm hoping to do mainly the later.


stephen said...

That's sad, but I'm a huge fan of the work that NZETC does, so I'm pleased you'll get to participate.

Brenda said...

didn't you only just get into catalyst?

Con said...

Great to hear you accepted the job, Stuart! I'm sure you'll love it - I know I did!