Monday, 23 June 2008

New ohloh look and feel

ohloh have changed their look and feel, and I've got to say I hate it.

Once you're logged in, almost nothing above the scroll cut on the front page is useful---we already know what ohloh is and don't need bandwidth-hogging ads to tell us. What we need are deep links into new stuff---projects, users and forum posts.

How about logged in users see content rather than ads on the homepage?

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Jason Allen said...

Your feedback is dead-on. The new homepage was not intended for logged-in users. Its goal was to help conversion rates (towards signups) and to update the description of our service. Early results show a lower bounce rate - so we're cautiously optimistic.

The rub here is that we actually had a page designed as the "logged-in home page" when designing the original journal feature but cut it because we were afraid of disorienting our current users.

We've since decided to add it back asap, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for egging us on - this should be in soon enough.