Monday, 30 June 2008

I'm confused about hardy heron and default applications

Back in the day you told your linux system which applications you wanted to use with environmental variables things like:
export EDITOR=/usr/bin/emacs
Then along came the wonderful debianness of the apt-family and the alternatives system.
update-alternatives --config vi
Now this system too is being undermined by various systems, leaving me uncertain where to set things. What I'm trying to do is:
  • have Sound Juicer and not Music Player (RhythmBox) launched when a CD is inserted. There is an entry for "Multimedia" under the "Preferred Applications" menu option, but this seems to be about opening files, not responding to newly-mounted media and Sound Juicer is not listed as an option. There doesn't seem to be anything about CDs under the "Removable Drives and Media Preferences" (although this is where the setting are that automatically load F-Spot when I attach my camera, which seems like the same kind of thing).
  • configure which applications I can launch on the .cr2/TIFF/Canon RAW files produced by my digital camera I want the same applications to appear in both the file browser and F-Spot (which look like they're presenting the same interface but apparently aren't). ufraw seems to be the tool of choice here (either standalone or as a gimp plugin), but I'd like to pass it some command line args. I can find no entry or this under the "Preferred Applications" menu option.
There are lots of menus with a "Help" as an option, but very few of them seem to be.

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