Thursday, 1 December 2011

Metadata vocabularies LODLAM NZ cares about

At today's LODLAM NZ, in Wellington, I co-hosted a vocabulary schema / interoperability session. I kicked off the session with a list of the metadata schema we care about and counts of how many people in the room cared about it. Here are the results:

8 Library of Congress / NACO Name Authority List
7 Māori Subject Headings
6 Library of Congress Subject Headings
5 Linnean
4 Getty Thesauri
3 Marsden Research Subject Codes / ANZRSC Codes
3 Iwi Hapū List
2 Australian Pictorial Thesaurus
1 Powerhouse Object Names Thesaurus

This straw poll naturally only reflects on the participants who attended this particular session and counting was somewhat haphazard (people were still coming into the room), but is gives a sample of the scope.

I don't recall whether the heading was "Metadata we care about" or "Vocabularies we care about," but it was something very close to that.


Marcia Zeng said...

Thanks for sharing the list we all care about! I wonder why you highlighted Getty vocabularies. Is there any tip you can share? Thanks.

Stuart Yeates said...

The Getty vocabularies are on the list party because of their local use by Te Papa, their public-facing catalogue uses it extensively. See

Marcia Zeng said...

Thanks. That is great. Yes I saw the Te Papa's use report.

Stuart Yeates said...

Over the weekend someone pointed me at the recent Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report at: and